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Ferrari Power Warranty

The Ferrari brand has long been synonymous with power, thanks to the superior performance and cutting edge technologies offered by its cars. However, this power has never compromised in any way the class, styling and elegance of the GTs. The result is a unique image, instantly recognizable the world over.


To further enhance this image and as a testament to the reliability of the Ferrari product, we are now introducing the Ferrari Pre-Owned Warranty. POWER (Pre Owned Warranty for Exclusive Retail) was created to meet the needs of clients who want a warranty for their car that extends beyond the standard period covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
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- The new package means that your car can be covered for up to 12 years; Spares and repairs are covered and all work will be carried out by the professional mechanics of Ferrari's Official Assistance Centers.

Pre-owned value:

- Another plus if you choose to sell on your car; The vehicle remains under warranty even if it changes ownership

Safety and peace of mind:

-You can travel all over North America in complete tranquility, thanks to the 24/7 Roadside Assistance Service


The car must undergo an inspection by Ferrari's Official Network to certify its conformity (tallying of car's assistance history, service coupons, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work carried out by Ferrari's Official Network; conformity of car to type approval requirements as specified by manufacturer) The coverage applies only to cars with a maximum entry mileage of 56,000 miles. All you need to do to sign up for the service is go to any Dealership belonging to the Authorized Ferrari Dealership Network.

WARRANTY EXTENSION: (the fourth and/or fifth year warranty)

  • Full warranty that offers the equivalent coverage of the manufacturer's warranty
  • Lasts one year and can be repeated for further years

NEW POWER : (the fourth year to the twelfth year)

  • Ferrari Pre-Owned Warranty offered for cars for which the manufacturer's warranty has or about to expire and are four years or older
  • The warranty can be renewed and so the period of cover can be up to four years
  • Covers the main areas of the car: engine, transmission, trim and electrics.
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Please speak with our trade advisor for more information.