2018 Ferrari Portofino | Chicago, IL


Ferrari Portofino | Chicago, IL



The Ferrari Portofino roars to life with an exceptionally powerful 3.9-liter V8 engine, designed to give a performance unlike any other. The 8-cylinder offers great efficiency thanks to new pistons and con-rods and a new intake system design.


As you’d expect from any Ferrari vehicle, the Portofino leaves nothing to be desired in terms of power and performance. Its massive V8 engine is able to offer a serious output of 591 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque.

Max Speed

The Ferrari Portofino is able to harness the power of its incredible V8 engine in order to reach high speeds. At its fastest, the Ferrari coupe is able to reach an impressive maximum speed of up to 199 miles per hour.


Offering deft abilities and powerful performance, the new Portofino can not only reach impressive speeds but do so incredibly quickly as well. This powerful Ferrari coupe is able to race from 0-62 mph in just 3.5 seconds.


With aggressive styling, the Portofino features an unprecedented two-box fastback configuration in a coupe-convertible, with a retractable hardtop. Its unique design adds extra sleekness to its silhouette for a sportier character.

Interior Comfort

Alongside its outstanding performance, the Portofino also focuses on interior comfort and convenience, presenting new features and technologies, as well as a new seating design to take the driving experience to the next level.


The Start of a New Legacy

Ferrari recently unveiled its latest GT model, the Ferrari Portofino, which offers its own unique design that perfectly encapsulates a driver’s need for sportiness, elegance and onboard comfort. The versatile drop-top car was named for one of Italy’s most beautiful towns, that is internationally known for its tourist port and has become synonymous with elegance and luxury. The  Portofino is also introducing two exclusive new colors, Rosso Portofino and Alluminio Opaco.

With the introduction of the all-new Ferrari Portofino, the prancing horse brand looks to start a whole new legacy of performance vehicles. The Portofino is replacing the California T model in the Ferrari lineup this model year, filling the popular drop-top model’s massive shoes by offering improved power and performance.

Compared to the California T model, the Portofino offers an all-new, lighter chassis. Modern production abilities allow all of the model’s chassis and body components to be redesigned with a weight reduction, despite its increase in torsional rigidity. Also new to this model is its more powerful engine. New components and the specific calibration of the engine management software allow the Portofino’s engine to offer about 39.4 more horsepower than the California T it replaces.

The renown Ferrari V8 turbo engine found in the Portofino has been recalibrated and reworked to offer optimal performance. Changes made include its new exhaust system, which features a one-piece-cast exhaust header, reducing losses and improving throttle response while offering zero turbo lag. Along with these improvements, the Portofino also sees a Variable Boost Management System that adjusts torque delivery to suit the selected gear. This feature allows the Ferrari Portofino to offer higher levels of acceleration in all gears, as well as lower fuel consumption compared to the California T.

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Ferrari Portofino front fascia

Breathtaking Style with a Purpose

For the first time in this type of Ferrari model, the Portofino will offer the third-generation electronic rear differential (E-Diff3) integrated with the F1-Trac, which gives the coupe a superior mechanical grip and on-road control. The Portofino is also a first in its range to feature Electric Power Steering, which offers more responsive steering, without sacrificing stability.

In addition to its incredible performance, the Ferrari Portofino utilizes its exterior design to offer exceptional aerodynamics. The model features an aggressively-styled two-box fastback configuration, which we’ve yet to see in a coupe-convertible with a retractable hardtop.

Its advanced design ensures the coupe is able to offer maximum efficiency. It sports a large radiator grille opening that stretches from edge to edge, showing off the Ferrari’s contoured nose. The front is also accented by new full-LED, horizontal-shaped headlights. Along the edge of the Portofino’s headlights, its hidden air intakes exit along the flank of the car, reducing drag. At the rear, the Portofino offers a sporty stance, enhanced by its spaced-out tail lights.

Comfort was another top priority for designers of the new Portofino. Drivers can appreciate the slew of impressive features and technology available in the new Portofino, starting with its infotainment system, which is accessed off of a 10.2” touchscreen display. It also features a new air conditioning system that improves occupant comfort with the top up or down, a new steering wheel design, 18-way electronically adjustable seats with a new backrest design that boosts legroom for second-row passengers, and a passenger display.

All passengers can also enjoy the model’s new wind deflector. When the top is dropped, the deflector cuts airflow inside the cabin by 30% and significantly reduces its aerodynamic noise.

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