2015 Ferrari California T Chicago IL

2015 Ferrari California T

The design elements that go into every Ferrari vehicle are among some of the most breathtaking and passionate in the world. The 2015 Ferrari California T near Chicago, IL is the epitome of what a lifetime of that passion looks like. Built to outperform, out grace and be rivaled by no vehicle, the 2015 California T features a state-of-the-art retractable hard top roof to offer the pure enjoyment as well as the raw performance that only a Ferrari vehicle can combine into one offering.

Certain design elements used for the creation of the 2015 Ferrari California T near Chicago, IL have been drawn from past Ferrari legends. The 2015 California T’s front fender line distinctly resembles the iconic 250 Testa Rossa, while side and rear quarter panels feature muscular curves that help cut through the wind and add a powerful profile. Scattered throughout the body of the vehicle are also performance added features, such as the 2015 California T’s front grille. Nestled in the front nose of the vehicle are strategically placed air vents that dissipate hot air from the engine to help the vehicle perform at a world-class level.

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2015 Ferrari California T Interior

2015 Ferrari California T For Sale near Chicago IL

The 2015 California T for sale near Chicago, IL features the first turbocharged engine used by Ferrari for a vehicle since 1992. The 3.8-liter turbocharged California T’s V-8 engine produces 553 horsepower and 557 lb-ft of torque, which is good enough to send the car from 0-62 mph in 3.6 seconds. Advancements have been made to the engine of the 2015 Ferrari California T near Chicago, IL from previous years to output over 70 more horsepower and over 50-percent more lb-ft torque. In addition to the added engine performance, the 2015 California T is also 15% more fuel efficient and produces less Co2 emissions as well. This Ferrari uses two steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters to control its finely tuned gearbox for added driving enjoyment.

Utilizing transaxle architecture, the 2015 California T has a perfect weight distribution throughout the entire vehicle, with a slight bias to the rear for increase tire grip. Ferrari engineers also lowered the engine bay towards the pavement to increase the vehicle’s center of gravity. The body and chassis are made entirely from aluminum architecture, this very important aspect of the vehicle shave’s precious pounds off the overall curb-weight and adds structural integrity for more driving feel and increased safety. For even more intimacy with the pavement, the vehicle’s springs are 11% stiffer than before to reduce body roll.

The New Look of Versatile Performance

Inside of the 2015 Ferrari California T near Chicago, IL the driver is in complete control. A unique ride-control setting custom tunes the vehicle’s performance for either more aggressive or relaxed driving situations. No matter which setting or road the California T is being driven on, the passengers and driver are met by 360 degrees of sport-inspired luxury. Four seats wrapped in supple leather can be found inside of the California T’s interior that add both comfort and support for long trips with the top down.

The intuitive in-dash display can be controlled by both the touch of a finger or side-mounted buttons to operate GPS navigation, climate control, radio and more. Wrapped in the same fine leather as the seats, the steering wheel of the 2015 California T features a flat bottom for a more track-inspired approach as well as a whole suite of other buttons to control the vehicle’s functions. Depending on the weather or mood, in just 14 seconds the 2015 Ferrari California T can go from an aggressive sports coupe to a care-free convertible by retracting its hard top with the push of a button.

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2015 Ferrari California T Performance