2014 Ferrari FF Chicago IL

Ferrari FF

Years in Production: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

The Ferrari FF near Chicago offers all year driving performance and versatility. Ferrari’s first-ever all-wheel drive vehicle, this finely crafted piece of Italian-made art opens up new doors for any driver wishing to enjoy the thrilling dynamics of Ferrari performance, no matter the season.

The Ferrari FF is also one of the most unique looking vehicles in Ferrari’s lineup. Using a shooting-brake body design, the rear of the vehicle gets extended to provide more passenger volume for back seat occupants. Even though the Ferrari FF is an innovative vehicle, many classic Ferrari styling cues can still be found within its design. A long, low sweeping hood uses strategically placed air ducts to breathe cool air into the engine compartment and out aggressive side vents, which keeps engine temperatures and air mixtures at optimal levels. Drawing the eye across the entire body, purposeful creases cover every inch of the side panels, roof and rear of the Ferrari FF to create one of the most streamlined vehicles of its kind. The materials used to build the Ferrari FF consist of lightweight and high-strength alloys that help produce perfect body rigidness, balance and weight ratios.

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2014 Ferrari FF 0-60 mph time

Exhilarating Ferrari Performance

Under the sculpted hood of the Ferrari FF near Chicago, IL is a 6.3-liter V-12 engine that produces 651 horsepower. This highly tuned V-12 Ferrari engine not only offers unprecedented power, but its advanced design and wealth of technology breakthroughs allows for it to be an extremely comfortable and responsive engine as well. Innovations such as Split Injection Control helps the engine’s components reduce friction and produce the optimal air and fuel mixtures to make the trip from 0-62 mph in just a heart pounding 3.7 seconds. The engine’s advance layout also promotes the signature Ferrari engine sound that pushes through a tuned exhaust, letting the driver and passengers know they are indeed in a world-renown Ferrari vehicle. Engine pitches are distinct and dynamic; however, meticulous calculations were used to produce the perfect acoustics of seductive rpm notes without creating unpleasant noise inside of the cabin.

Magneto-rheological dampers have been added to control the Ferrari FF's body motion for improved grip in a wider range of conditions. Equipped with all-wheel drive, the already responsive and precise steering dynamics of the Ferrari FF become amplified to add confidence when roadways are riddled in less than optimal driving conditions. Bringing the vehicle to a halt, carbon-ceramic brakes have been implemented to increase the fade-resistance and stopping power for a safer and more controlled driving experience.

Ferrari FF For Sale near Chicago IL

The generously appointed interior of the Ferrari FF for sale near Chicago, IL is everything and more one would expect from a Ferrari vehicle. Crafted for a pure driving experience, four high-back, supple leather seats provide the right mix of support and comfort for trips around town, across the country and even on the track.

The attention to detail Ferrari places inside of the cabin positions every knob, dial and button all within fingertip's reach, making the Ferrari FF an extremely enjoyable and easy vehicle for any driver to operate. Generous amounts of premium technology can also be found throughout the Ferrari FF's cockpit. In addition, contrasting accents of fine materials such as various leathers, carbon fiber and metals cover every inch of the Ferrari FF's interior to create an exciting, yet refined atmosphere. The Ferrari FF also provides some of the most versatility for any vehicle in its class with 16 cubic feet of cargo space when all seats are folded upright. The rear seat can be completely folded flat to create over 28 cubic feet of space if needed as well.

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