Ferrari F12berlinetta

Years in Production: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

The Ferrari F12berlinetta near Chicago, IL has been crafted to produce one of the finest driving machines the world has ever seen. Every subtle detail of the F12berlinetta has been methodically designed to coexist beautifully with the counterpart next to it. To construct the F12berlinetta, Ferrari utilized over 12 different types of alloys to produce one of the lightest and most rigid vehicles to ever wear the Prancing Horse badging. From previous models, the exhausting use of lightweight alloys to construct the frame cut the F12berlinetta’s chassis weight by nearly 200 pounds all while increasing its strength by 20 percent.

Molded around the groundbreaking frame of the Ferrari F12berlinetta near Chicago, IL is a sculpted body with just as much emphasis on visual appeal as performance. Dramatic curves and deep valleys cover nearly every inch of the F12berlinetta’s exterior along with methodically placed air dams and vents to increase the engine’s breathing ability and keep the wheels firmly planted to the pavement. No matter which angle the vehicle is being looked at, every aspect of the Ferrari F12berlinetta near Chicago, IL evokes raw emotion that is sure to captivate all who see it.

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2014 Ferrari F12berlinetta Interior

Performance That Evokes Emotion

The engine of the Ferrari F12berlinetta near Chicago, IL can be found under the vehicle’s massive hood. The largest engine Ferrari has ever offered for a production vehicle, the F12berlinetta is powered by an astonishing 43-valve, 6.2-liter V-12 engine. When fuel is applied, the V-12 powerplant offers 731 horsepower and 508 lb-ft of torque to be controlled by the pressure of the driver’s foot. Capable of reaching 60 mph from a standstill in 3.3 seconds, the F12berlinetta is a truly invigorating vehicle that can reach a top track speed of 211 mph.

The Ferrari F12berlinetta for sale near Chicago, IL utilizes a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox that sends 100 percent of the vehicle’s power to its rear wheels. Perhaps, the most finely tuned transmission in the world, all seven speeds offered by the gearbox are precisely tuned to amplify the engine’s response with lightening quick accuracy. The advanced structural integrity of the body helps control the engines power to deliver improved handling abilities, but the suspension of the F12berlinetta does most of the heavy lifting in this regard. Outfitted with a double-wishbone front and a multi-link rear suspension with active dampening, this Italian-made work of automotive art provides handling capabilities that are amongst the finest of any vehicle ever produced in the world. Bringing the driving aggression that the Ferrari F12berlinetta near Chicago, IL generates to a halt, third-generation carbon-ceramic brakes with six-piston front and four-piston rear Brembo monobloc aluminum calipers can be found peering from behind the F12berlinetta's rims.

Ferrari F12berlinetta For Sale Chicago IL

The drama doesn’t just end with the look and performance of the Ferrari F12berlinetta for sale near Chicago, IL as its interior cabin provides and intoxicating experience in its own right. The smell of fine Italian leather engulfs the entire interior cabin while the eyes and touch are met with some of the finest materials known to the automotive world. Highly supportive and contoured leather-wrapped seats place the driver in the perfect position to see over the curvaceous hood and concentrate on the road ahead. Ferrari makes a great use of every inch of interior volume with the F12berlinetta where even the tallest drivers can find head, leg and shoulder comfort.

An endless list of options can be added to the exterior and interior of the Ferrari F12berlinetta near Chicago, IL to build a vehicle that will appeal to any driver’s preference. It’s clear that the F12berlinetta was built for performance, but many top luxury features come standard for an even more enjoyable driving experience. When the F12berlinetta’s key is placed inside the ignition and the bright red start button is pushed, the engine comes alive to produce and intoxicating echo of exhaust sounds.

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2014 Ferrari F12berlinetta 0-60 mph